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Oven / Stove Repair

Having a problem with your Oven/Stove?

If your oven/stove is not working properly or damaged, we at QA Appliance Repair Guelph can repair it the same day.  You can make an appointment with us to repair your stove/oven according to your need. Your stove/oven may stop working due to many reasons such as not heating, the element doesn’t work, and many more.

We provide immediate and affordable services in Guelph. Our technicians have years of experience to repair your commercial or residential stove/oven.

Common Issues with Stove/Oven

Oven/stove is not heating

If your stove/oven is not working it may be due to fault in element or breakage in wires. The faulty wire needs expert technicians to repair it as it could be risky to repair it by yourself. We can fix or repair it quickly and easily as we are expert to handle these issues.

Temperature sensor not working

When temperature sensor of your oven does not work properly, it may be responsible for not starting up the oven. To repair or replace the temperature sensor of your oven, contact us anytime.

Bake/Broil Element not working

If bake or broil element of your oven/stove is not working it may be due to broken or damaged wires, damaged terminal and more. Call QA Appliance Repair Guelph to repair bake/broil element of your stove/oven.

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