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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator not working?

The refrigerator is one of the important appliance in your kitchen that you use regularly to keep your food fresh. QA Appliance Repair Guelph provides repair services for both commercial and residential refrigerators in Guelph, Ontario. Our expert technicians diagnosis the problem and tell you on every step of repair that what causes the problem. If your refrigerator is not working whether it is your commercial refrigerator or residential you can call us anytime to repair your refrigerator quickly.

We understand how difficult it is to manage without a working refrigerator on daily basis especially in summer. We repair and service all brands of refrigerators with years of experience. Our technicians are highly qualified and trained to repair your commercial and residential refrigerators.


Most Common Problems with refrigerators

Cycling too often

Refrigerators come in use regularly and sometimes start creating noises. The refrigerator makes noises when it runs continuously and the continuous running of the refrigerator. Sometimes you live in an extra dusty environment or have several pets, there’s a buildup of debris and dust around the condenser coils. Due to this refrigerator temperature will too low and cause your refrigerator to work overtime.

Water Leaking

When the defrost drain get blocked it becomes the reason for water leakage from your refrigerator.  Another reason could be due to a clogged or frozen water supply line. If the water supply line is damaged, or valve needs to repair, call us anytime. Our technicians will repair this issue quickly and efficiently.

Ice Build Up in Freezer

When you leave your freezer door open for a long time it raises humidity level inside the freezer and this causes frost and ice buildup in the freezer. Another reason could be a faulty seal. If your refrigerator seal is broken or damaged, you need to repair it immediately to avoid ice frost in the freezer. We can fix or repair your refrigerator same day without any extra charges.

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